2nd Annual Precision Agriculture and Farming 4.0 Summit

OCT. 14TH-15TH

about the summit

Smart agriculture is already becoming more commonplace among farmers, and high tech farming is quickly becoming the standard thanks to agricultural drones and sensors. Farmers have already begun employing some high tech farming techniques and technologies in order to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. Increasing awareness about the benefits of precision agriculture, in optimizing agricultural production, has resulted in a great boom in the precision agriculture market From our successful previous event in Spain last year we welcome new and old participants to join us again in Spain, for our 2nd Annual Precision Agriculture and Farming 4.0 event.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event in Spain

key learning points

Soil Sensors: the key to precision agricultural production
Telematics enabling you to get data on and off the machine
Farmers Perspective: Managing more partners and service providers
Information Systems in Precision Agriculture and Decision Support
Future of Farming: IoT, Agricultural Sensors, & Farming Drones
Emerging Issues in Precision Agriculture (Energy, Life Cycle Analysis, Carbon and Water Footprints, etc.)
Precision Farming: Soil Fertility and Productivity Aspects
The rise of blockchain technology is making its way to the IoT technology for Agriculture
Innovations in GPS mapping and related farming applications
Yield monitoring finds wide applications in soil monitoring as it helps detect the properties of soil for increasing yields
The digital revolution in the agricultural sector, along with government financial incentives to farms, is likely to drive demand for precision farming in Europe in the forthcoming years
The cloud-based software model is anticipated to gain significant precision farming market share over the projected period as it reduces energy consumption and provides storage for a large amount of data while facilitating cost saving

who should attend?

Business Development
Water Management
Industry Analyst
Digital Farming
Connected Farming
Precision Farming
Product Strategy
Project Leaders
Policy Advisor
Legal Affairs
Big Data

pricing plans

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2-day Summit
Discussions with industry experts
Cocktail Reception/Networking Dinner

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3 Sq.m. Exhibition Space
2 persons attendance
2-day Summit
Discussions with industry experts
Cocktail Reception/Networking Dinner

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Speaking slot [40 min]
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