2nd Annual Big data and AI Summit

Nov. 10th-11th, 2022

about the summit

AI and ML are now giving us new opportunities to use the big data that we already had, as well as unleash a whole lot of new use cases with new data types. One of the fundamental business problems of big data could sometimes be summarized with a simple question: Now what? With all the information gathered and plenty more of it coming – so what do we do with it? In the once-deafening buzz around big data, it wasn’t always easy to hear the answers to that question.

This Summit will bring someone the world’s largest business Professionals to address the organization and intuitive methods deciphering Big Data and how AI harnessing simplifies it.

key learning points

  • Challenges of building a modern & future-proof data processing platform
  • AI, Machine Learning and Big Data in the enterprise
  • Data visualization – how to visualize large, complex and dirty data and what tools to use
  • Choosing the right BI solution for large data and a quick response time
  • Analytics and Customer Experience Management on top of Big Data
  • IoT in production – use-cases, data, tools, and challenges
  • Stream processing engines – features, performance, comparison