about the summit

Smart Cities are not only associated with efficiency, mobility, digital or sustainability. Above all, it associates with creating a new future. Opportunities connected with investigation and education. Ideas connecting with the creation of businesses in the most diverse sectors. Opportunities to reflect upon the future of the organization of our cities.

key learning points

Some key practical points to learn from:

  • Smart Development to ensure wired and wireless connectivity Smart zoning. Brownfield and Greenfield development
  • Environmental monitoring, interactive portals. logistics Disruptive technologies in urban planning. Digital Infrastructures – – Energy and sustainability with IoT intelligent buildings


  • Data Management and communication systems.
  • Smart housing and structure innovations. Housing affordability Smart Mobility
  • Future-proofing in Smart Cities

who should attend?

CXO, VP, Directors Managers, Heads Of:

  • Federal, state and local government employees working in urban development
  • Urban developers and planners
  • Heads of Information Technology and Systems


  • Heads of Innovation and New Technologies
  • Managers – Big Data and Analytics
  • Digital Transformation Managers
  • Digital Infrastructure Analysts
  • Heads of Business Development


  • Customer Data Managers
  • Enterprise Architecture Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • ICT Managers